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May Meeting Talks

Some of the talks being given at our next meeting:

  • Api Driven App Design
  • Facebook Integration with Fandjango
  • 'Django for Moms'
  • Seattle Times Scraper

Upcoming Talks

The April 23rd meeting will includes three lightning talks given by group members.

Django Djam
A (better) admin
API Driven App Design
Using Resources in and out of APIs
Scraping Lobby Data
Using Scrapy
App Deployment with Saltstack
See how Salt makes app deployment better

Help Make Django Seattle Better Tues 3/26 at EnergySavvy

Hey folks,

I think we have a real opportunity to make the Django Seattle user group something special. I'd like to reserve the next meeting to regroup and have a small planning session. Here's the agenda I'm thinking:

  1. Reselecting date / time
  2. Getting the new site up
  3. Presence on social media / tech calendars
  4. Scheduling venues for the next 6+ months
  5. Meeting format (speakers, lightning talks, topics, etc.)
  6. Separate events for Outreach (beginners / diversity outreach)
  7. [Your Agenda Item Here]

Once again EnergySavvy will be hosting:

159 S Jackson St., Suite 420
Time: 6-8pm

Hope to see you there!

- Alec